Combined church prayer group.



Prayer is called Taize prayer when groups of Christians unite themselves with the daily prayer in the Church of Reconciliation in Taize, France. Christians on Deeside join, through prayer, in the on-going pilgrimage of trust and reconciliation in our world today.


            This takes place from 7.30-9pm in the Convent on the third Wednesday of the month.


Meditative chants are sung. Composed in Taize, and sung in different languages by those gathered there, they foster a communion with God and others and the chants continue afterwards in the silence of one’s heart. Brother Roger founded the Community of Brothers in Taize in 1950. The following is one of his prayers:


O Christ, you are united to every human being without exception. Still more, risen from the dead, you come to heal the secret wound of our soul. And for each of us there opens the gates of an infinite goodness of heart. Through such love, little by little our hearts are changed. Living God, you bury our past in the heart of Christ and you are going to take care of our future.


 Pope John Paul II described Taize as “that little Springtime.”



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