Reader rota for Masses.

Blessed Sacrament Church

Readers’ Rota

January, February, March



                        5:30 p.m.           11:00 a.m.


January 7/8                            I. Jones                       A. Payton

                                                            J. Baines                     M. Hardcastle


January 14/15                        P. Morris                    R. Martin

                                                            R. Molyneux              J. Cawley


January 21/22                        P. Welsh                     C. Griffiths

                                                            W. Griffiths               N. Griffiths


January 28/29                        B. Gavin                     R. McGoldrick

                                                            I. Jones                       B. Bowden


February 4/5                          J. Baines                     M. Hardcastle

                                                            P. Morris                    A. Payton


February 11/12                      R. Molyneux              J. Cawley

                                                            P. Welsh                     R. Martin


February 18/19                      W. Griffiths               N. Griffiths

                                                            B. Gavin                     C. Griffiths


February 25/26                      I. Jones                       B. Bowden

                                                            J. Baines                     R. McGoldrick


March 4/5                               P. Welsh                     A. Payton

                                                            R. Molyneux              M. Hardcastle


March 11/12                           B. Gavin                     R. Martin

                                                            W. Griffiths               J. Cawley


March 18/19                           J. Baines                     C. Griffiths

                                                            I. Jones                       N. Griffiths


March 25/26                           P. Morris                    R. McGoldrick

                                                            P. Welsh                     B. Bowden
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