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Inside The Blessed Sacrament
Outside The Blessed Sacrament
Images from yesteryear
Outside The Blessed Trinity
Inside The Blessed Trinity
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View of the church from the porch. The sanctuary. Altar.
Engraving on the Altar depicts the breaking of bread with deciples following meeting on the road to Emmaus. Lectern. Depicting symbols of the four Gospel authors. Lecturn 2.
Central window behind the altar. Central window behind the altar - enhanced. Window near statue of Mary. Installed 2008.
Window on the sanctuary. Church organ. Baptismal Font.
Example of Stations Of The Cross plaques. Origanal window over church entrance-exit. Plaque commemorating the church donor Mary Louisa Mostyn.
Staute of Joseph to left of Altar. Statue of Mary to the right of the Altar. Statue of Christ over entrance-exit.
Wall cross & candle indicating - Window Windows depicting a hillside with the water of life flowing through.
Windows to the right of the Altar. Crucifix over Altar.
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